Devices and accessories

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MedLaser Family Ltd. offers a very wide selection of laser devices. In the European Union, there is only one other company which manufactures a similarly wide range of laser appliances. Our devices contain red and/or infrared lasers, and thus we can offer devices suitable for performing all treatment procedures of soft laser therapy. As regards their design, our products are either handheld or tabletop laser devices. Both product designs include devices suitable for all types of treatments. The heads (which contain the laser light emitting diodes together with their supply and control units) are made of anodized aluminium, while the power-supply units (which are supplied only with the tabletop lasers) of skin-compatible plastics. The head may come with a single laser diode (red or infrared laser), two laser diodes (cluster head/combined laser) or 6 laser diodes (laser shower). All of the devices have a stabilized output power which is continuously controlled by an internal or an in-built external light-meter. This is important in order to avoid exposing the patient to an incorrect dose (under- or overdose).

Our manufacturing system conforms to the ISO quality assurance standards (ISO 13485, healthcare quality assurance standard), which guarantees a consistent and fully controlled manufacturing quality as well as the rapid and controlled elimination of any possible defect. All of our laser devices have passed the test required in the EU, without which no medical device may be marketed and the CE mark cannot be used; thus, all the laser devices of our company qualify as medical devices. This is certified by the CE01011 mark, which also means that the activity and products of our company are annually inspected by EMKI-OGYÉI of code number 1011 [Medical Device Qualification and Hospital Engineering Directorate of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition], which is a notified body authorized for this task.