Rapid and continuous repair service

Our devices do not need special repair activities, however MedLaser Family provides 24 months guarantee for each device. Our service operates on each working day of the week. Repair deadline is 15 days, but our average is 5 days. Upon request (and error type) we may repair the device within one day.

Device transport, cleaning and sterilization is up to our Customer.

Compulsory revision of medical lasers up to 10 W output power

According to Hungarian Authorities, medical laser devices has to be revised every second year. MedLaser Family obtained the official licence for revision of medical laser devices up to 10 W output power.

Complementary soft laser therapy courses

MedLaser Family is committed to the scientifically justified medical treatments executed by well educated professionals. We believe that effective soft laser therapy needs deep knowledge of this medical field.

With the support of our highly professional and experienced in laser therapy medical team, we organise accredited soft laser therapy courses for:

  • physicians, family doctors, sport doctors, rheumatologists, doctors specialised in physiotherapy, paediatricians, naturopaths:
    Course: Soft laser therapy in medical practice (credit 16)


  • dentists and dental surgeons:
    Course: Soft laser therapy and diode laser surgery in the dental practice (credit 16)


  • physiotherapists, medical assistants, acupuncturists:
    Course: Soft laser therapy in health practice (training points 17)


  • dental assistants, dental hygienists
    Course: Soft laser therapy in dental practice (training points 18)

Soft laser therapy Congress

 We organize a one-day long professional Congress every 2nd year for our practicing customers. The Soft Laser Therapy Congress has double aim: to introduce novelties in medical use and science of soft laser therapy as well as to provide professional forum for exchanging experiences by professionals.