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medlaser dentlaser vetlaser
medlaser dentlaser vetlaser
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Vetlaser Physio Classic

desktop softlaser treatment system

Vetlaser Physio Classic

An optimal softlaser treatment tool for highly-visited physiotherapic departments!

A multi-functional, high-power desktop softlaser treatment system, with selectable red and/or infrared laser treatment head and laser shower. Dosage steps: 1–2–4–6–10–∞ J. With treatment timer, integrated power control and frequency modulation change option.

Types of point laser treatment heads
  • red laser: 30–350 mW/660 nm,
  • infrared laser: 50–500 mW/810 nm,
  • blueray laser: 50–100 mW/407 nm.
Laser shower
  • red laser: 200–900 mW/660 nm,
  • infrared laser: 300–3000 mW/810 nm.
  • 2 pcs of keys
  • holding case,
  • Judith Horvath, MD: Softlaser therapy book,
  • warning sticker,
  • for red point laser head:
    • acupuncture support,
    • cone for connecting optical wire,
    • 2 pcs of optical wires,
  • for infrared point laser head:
    • contact treatment support,
  • placeholder for laser shower.
Recommended for
  • rheumatological, physiotherapeutical, sports and home medicine use,
  • frequent treatments in highly-visited institutes and spas,
  • acupuncture.
Customer service:
+36 1 203 Show me!0001,
+36 70 679 Show me!8810
MedLaser Family Ltd.
H-1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 183.
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