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Optikop Physio Classic

desktop soft laser treatment system

Optikop Physio Classic

An optimal soft laser therapy tool for extremely high-populated phyisiotherapeutic departments.

A multifunctional, high-power desktop soft laser treatment system, with a selectable red and/or infra dioda laser treatment head and a laser shower, 6 different selectable power dosage levels (1–2–4–6–10–∞), treatment time control, integrated power control, modulation change option.

Types of point laser treatment heads:

Red laser: 30–350 milliwatts/660 nanometers

Infra laser: 50–500 milliwatts/810 nanometers

Blue laser: 50–100 milliwatts/407 nanometers

Laser shower:

Red laser: 200–900 milliwatts/660 nanometers

Infra laser: 300–3000 milliwatts/810 nanometers


  • 2 pcs. of keys
  • bag
  • book ‘Soft laser therapy’ by Judit Horváth M.D.
  • warning sticker
  • for a red point laser treatment head:
    • acupuncture support topping
    • wire optic connection cone
    • 2 pcs. of wire optics (selectable by option)
  • for infra point laser treatment head:
    • contact treatment head topping
  • spacer for laser shower

Recommended for:

  • rheumatological, physiotherapeutical, sports and GP medical use
  • high-populated institutions, polyclinics and spas
  • acupuncture
What people have said about us…

‘Dentists need lasers of multiple different wavelengths so that they can offer comprehensive laser treatments for their patients. The teeth, the joints, the mucous membranes and surgical interventions all require a laser of different wavelength.

The fact that all these different wavelengths are provided by the same device makes the treatments much easier and considerably shortens the treatment times.

For dental clinics with a high patient turnover it is a must to have a combined laser.’

Dr. Ida Kútvölgyi, Dental Specialist
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+36 70 679 Show me!8810
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