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Accredited and qualified training courses

MedLaser Family is committed to the scientifically justified medical treatments executed by well educated professionals. We believe that effective soft laser therapy needs deep knowledge of this medical field.

With the support of our highly professional and experienced in laser therapy medical team, we organise accredited soft laser therapy courses for:

  • physicians, family doctors, sport doctors, rheumatologists, doctors specialised in physiotherapy, paediatricians, naturopaths:
    • Course: Soft laser therapy in medical practice (credit 16)
  • dentists and dental surgeons:
    • Course: Soft laser therapy and diode laser surgery in the dental practice (credit 16)
  • physiotherapists, medical assistants, acupuncturists:
    • Course: Soft laser therapy in health practice (training points 17)
  • dental assistants, dental hygienists:
    • Course: Soft laser therapy in dental practice (training points 18)

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What people have said about us…

‘Dentists need lasers of multiple different wavelengths so that they can offer comprehensive laser treatments for their patients. The teeth, the joints, the mucous membranes and surgical interventions all require a laser of different wavelength.

The fact that all these different wavelengths are provided by the same device makes the treatments much easier and considerably shortens the treatment times.

For dental clinics with a high patient turnover it is a must to have a combined laser.’

Dr. Ida Kútvölgyi, Dental Specialist
Customer service:
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